china Cost High Quality Customized Plastic Rubber PU Sleeve Plastic Polyurethane Sheet manufacturers

Merchandise Description

PU Sheet


Thickness: one-two hundred mm

Measurement: 1000*2000 mm/1220*3100/personalized

PU is a liquid urethane polymer that can be remedied to a variety of hardnesses.It has excellent resistance to abrasion,oils,a lot of substances,solvents and oxidation,whilst keeping high tensile energy and resilience.This combination of qualities tends to make it a exclusive content.Possessing the elasticity of rubber and combining several of benefits of rigid plastic and steel.

Merchandise Description

The CZPT urethane (PU) Sheets are produced from raw resources of best quality which certifies durability at its person conclude. CZPT urethane sheet is popular for a extensive selection of industrial purposes like linings, scrapers, gaskets and machined elements.

The PU sheets can be made with tarpaper, aluminum, paper, or nude. In addition, its temperature can assortment from 30°C to +80°C. Our PU Sheets comprise of an exceptional anti-abrasion and hugely elasticity, every consist of different thickness and sizes. The principal function of each PU sheet is to decrease pressure. They are extensively employed as Cushion, Anti-Urgent and CZPT Load elements.

All CZPT urethane merchandise are applicable for variety of employs. Much more than seventy 5 p.c of the CZPT utilization of polyurethane objects is in the kind of foams, with flexible and rigid types which are about equivalent in market place dimension.

This merchandise is very easily CZPT in marketplace at the most realistic prices. The polyurethane sheets provided by us are finding application in multicolored business sections attributing their fame. The PU sheets engage in its part in those apps which entail bearing, stripping, cushioning, resting sliding, forming, damping, or rolling.

Very best applications of PU sheets

Adhering to are the few greatest applications of PU sheets

  • Jig & Fixtures
  • Mallets
  • Punch-strippers
  • Pads
  • Abrasion Resistant Linings
  • Screens
  • Spacers
  • Rollers & Sleeves
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Scrappers Blades
  • Wheels
  • Wear Plates


Item TEST  Technique Device PU
coloration     clear
porportion GB/T533-2008 g/cm3 1.08
warmth stamina   ºC -50  to80
Tensile toughness GB/T533-1998 MPa eight.five
Ultimate Elongation GB/T528-1998 % 587
GB/T528-1998 % 20  
Tear strength GB/T533-2008 kv/ml 48

Remarks:+ and imply based on situation.- is not.


china  Cost High Quality Customized Plastic Rubber PU Sleeve Plastic Polyurethane Sheet manufacturers