china factory Polyurethane Roller, Rubber Roller, PE Roller, Polyurethane Spacer manufacturers

Solution Description

PU Coating: Metal Coated with PU, CZPT Coated With PU, Plastic Coated with PU, CZPT Coating
Roller: PU Roller, CZPT Roller

Liner: Grinding CZPT Internal Liner, Tube Interior PU Coating CZPT urethane rollers are with high power, compressive toughness, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and bonding firmly with out degumming. They are broadly employed in metallurgy, paper, coal, wooden processing, chemical fiber, textile, printing and other industries

(1)Metallurgy Roller: Thanks to cost factors, CPU roller, mostly used in poor working conditions, high top quality requirements occasion, this sort of as the pinch roller, stress roller, force roller, transfer roller, guidebook roller and so forth, for instance cold roller is belong to hard rubber roller, hardness: Shore A 90 ± 5, tensile strength> 40MPa, elongation> 400%, Akron 500KN / m, the rigidity roller more substantial measurement φ 1.5 ~ 1.7m, CZPT 1.7m- 2m, Thick plastic 20mm. They are necessitating large strength, compression deformation, and wear resistance. Colour skinny roller is employed for portray stainless metal, in addition to dress in resistance, it also call for corrosion resistance and very good elasticity, so as to preserve the printing even and lovely. (Normal hardness is shore A forty ~ sixty)

(2)Printing rollers: Like letterpress printing roller (Shore A20 ~ thirty), offset printing rubber roller (Shore A38 ~ 45) and substantial-velocity printing rollers and many others., thanks to CPU reduced hardness, large energy, elasticity, put on resistance and greaseproof printing ink, it is really ideal for low hardness, high-speed printing rollers.

(3) CZPT roller for hulling rice: The CPU instead of normal rubber roller can enhance the service lifestyle of 3 to 4 occasions with out contaminating food.

(4)Paper Roller: Its manufacturing effectiveness can be enhanced by 1 time or far more, and reduce energy use and charges.

(5)Textile Roller: Employed to pelletizing roller, drawing roller, drafting roller can extend provider life.

china  factory Polyurethane Roller, Rubber Roller, PE Roller, Polyurethane Spacer manufacturers