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Product Description

Shaft Collar
Ubet shaft collar is a straightforward but crucial device component. It is extensively utilized in many power transmission applications,  these kinds of as motors and gearboxes.
Ubet delivers varieties of shaft collars:
l  Established CZPT Sort
l  Threaded shaft collar
l  One particular-piece Clamping Variety
l  Two-piece Clamping Variety
Set screw shaft collars are the most powerful when used on a shaft created of a content which is softer than the set screw.
Threaded shaft collars offer the same quality and rewards of sleek bore Collars,  meanwhile delivering extra attributes. Threaded collars offer axial keeping CZPT which is superior to easy bore collars,  whilst giving less difficult installation and adjustment than solid ring locking devices.
1-piece shaft collars wrap around the shaft for even distribution of clamping forces. This benefits in a restricted fit and greater keeping CZPT , with out the shaft hurt caused by established screws.  Clamp collars are easy to take away, indefinitely adjustable, and work properly on virtually any shaft.
Two-piece shaft collars offer the identical rewards as 1-piece shaft collars with further flexibility and usefulness. The break up style is simply set up and disassembled, decreasing labor and downtime when adjustment, elimination, or substitute is necessary. These clamping forces give the collar with a keeping CZPT exceptional to one particular-piece and set screw shaft collars.


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